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BLSJ 2024 Grand Sponsor Profile: Taylor Wiseman & Taylor

Taylor Wiseman & Taylor was founded in 1901 as a land surveying company and today is a professional services firm that has a broad base of experience in the fields of civil engineering, land surveying, planning, environmental science and consulting, with offices throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern regions.
Throughout the twentieth century, Taylor Wiseman & Taylor played a leading role in the design and construction of the residential communities, commercial centers and other infrastructure that facilitated the rapid and productive growth of commerce and industry in our region.
So what does it mean to be in business for more than a century?
It means that we, as civil engineers, surveyors, planners and environmental consultants, have done much more than provide professional services for thousands of projects throughout the Middle-Atlantic region. It means that our organization takes seriously our role in the industry – our role as technical experts, reliable business partners and respected practitioners of our profession – as we work to advance the industry. For more information, visit

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