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CLM Financial Enterprises, LLC.

CLM Financial Enterprises, LLC.


About Us

CLM Advisors focuses on taking small and mid-market privately owned businesses to the next level by focusing on their fiscal management needs. Our approach is centered around a fiscal management strategy that develops a ''GPS'' to lead business owners to their goals. CLM Advisors works directly with the business owner, the accounting team, and the operational team to make sure the company is moving in the right direction. Through re-engineering of the accounting department, systems, and internal controls we are able to create dynamic budgets, forecasts, and projections to help assure that the advice being given is based on sound information and not just data. “Business intuition” is valuable, but you may have already realized that’s not enough; you need sound fiscal advice that comes from subject-matter experts to really be sure about decisions that affect your business.

At CLM our purpose is to instill expert fiscal responsibility in our region one business at a time, our cause is to produce a strong fiscal economy, and our passion is building businesses. Do you want to take your business to the next level? Call CLM Advisors today!


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