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BLSJ 2023 Grand Sponsor Profile: Truist

At Truist, we take new construction very seriously and offer a higher level of service to both the buyer and the builder.  We have an entire division dedicated to handling new construction mortgage applications.  Our teammates in this division fully understand the construction process and the different challenges that can occur compared to a standard resale purchase situation.  
Some of our program highlights:

  • Both fixed and adjustable rates available for conforming and jumbo loans.
  • Extended rate locks up to 24 months with a free float down 30 days before closing.
  • Market leading - competitive jumbo rates with LTVs up to 89.99% on primary residences with no mortgage insurance.
  • Doctor loans that allow an LTV of 100% for a loan amount up to $1 million and 95% LTV up to $1.50 million (primary residence) both with no mortgage insurance.
  • Our CHIP loan (Community Homeownership Incentive Program) allows up to 97% financing with no mortgage Insurance with a minimum contribution from the buyer of $500. The difference can be gifted
  • One-time closing construction loans for buyers that own their own lot.
  • Builder Center of Specialization – Processing and underwriting specialized in only new construction.
Let our expertise and dedication to new construction help you with your buyer’s needs! 
Chris Conlin                                                                                                  Karla Kilroy 
NMLS#149274                                                                                              NMLS#783312
(856) 630-5171                                                                                            (856) 777-4600                                                    
Steve Mondile                                                                                             Greg McKain
NMLS#277732                                                                                              NMLS#1449671
(609) 206-7744                                                                                            (215) 519-0236                                                       


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