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BLSJ 2023 Grand Sponsor Profile: Holman

With Holman’s Small Business Solutions, you can make big improvements to how your company purchases, funds, manages and sells fleet vehicles. Our fleet solutions help small businesses like yours:

  • Find and fund vehicles with a customized approach to sourcing and funding the right vehicles for your jobs that aligns with your monthly budget goals.
  • Manage vehicles by standardizing how you service, fuel, and track vehicles to identify and lower unnecessary costs.
  • Sell or trade vehicles by providing access to more options to sell or trade existing vehicles that align with your priorities, whether it’s a quick sale or higher returns.
Over nearly a century, Holman has evolved into one of the largest integrated automotive service companies in North America. With a unique set of complementary services in fleet management, upfitting and equipment, and commercial and retail vehicle sales, we’re always Driving What’s Right.


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